Mona Breaks Free!

It’s time again, people, for Mona Lisa & MoonPie! “Mona Breaks Free” is our theme, and our spirit.

An edict has been issued by our benevolent Royals...

Queen Mona, Brandee Santini
King MoonPie, Matt Litchliter
Grand Marshal: Katie Case
Grand Marshall: Michelle Cramer

“Hear ye, hear ye!! We shall hit the streets of Slidell on October 29, 2022, at 7 PM. All citizens are hereby commanded to attend and receive MoonPies!” The Eternal Flame has been kept burning in the secret cave deep below Slidell Mountain since 2019, and will once again ignite the Flambeaux to light our way. Membership is now available, so signup and design your floats. How will you “Break Free”? Reserve your theme by signing up one member in your mini-Krewe. First check this site to determine if is already taken.