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Posted August 24, 2021


It’s time again, people, for Mona Lisa & MoonPie! “Mona Breaks Free” is our theme, and our spirit. An edict has been issued by our benevolent Royals, Queen Mona, Brandee SantinI and her King MoonPie, Matt Litchliter. “Hear ye, hear ye!! We shall hit the streets of Slidell on October 29, 2022, at 7 PM. All citizens are hereby commanded to attend and receive MoonPies!”

The Eternal Flame has been kept burning in the secret cave deep below Slidell Mountain since 2019, and will once again ignite the Flambeaux to light our way. Membership is now available, so signup and design your floats. How will you “Break Free”? Reserve your theme by signing up one member in your mini-Krewe. First check this site to determine if is already taken.

The Invincible Vicar of Victory, Vince Vance, will be at the fore of our column, leading us through Olde Towne after his Bayou Jam concert that afternoon at Heritage Park! Check back on this site for dates of our events. The first one is the official recognition of our King and Queen This Friday evening, May 6, at one of the stages set up in Olde Towne for the Crawl! In attendance will be yours truly, His Mostly Magnificent Magnanimous Muckiddy-Muck, Cap’n Tom, wearing the customary silly sea captains cap, so look me up and say hey! LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!!!

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Vince Vance Will Lead Our Way in 2022

Posted July 19, 2021
Vince Vance, the Invincible Vicar of Victory will be helping our Royals lead the 2022 parade this year after the Bayou Jam Concert!

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MoonPie Pounders - Are You Interested?

Posted July 19, 2021
Cap'n Tom is starting an Amateur percussion marching group, and is looking for a Krewe Captain for them. This group is to bring pots and pans, spoon, actual drums, anything that makes a beat, and is willing to have a limited number of rehearsals. As a musical group, membership is free. Call Cap'n Tom if you wish to participate: 404-401-9966.

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Oct. 8th 2022 - Membership Closes

Posted July 19, 2021
The membership for the 2022 Mona Lisa & MoonPie Parade will close on October 8th. Make sure we get your memebership info and dues before that date!

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Oct. 29th 2022 - MLMP MARCH DATE

Posted January 28, 2020

MONA LISA 2022: OCTOBER 29th, 2022

We will march (roll, boogie, dance, prance, strut, sashay, boogaloo, bop) through Olde Towne on October 29, 2022, 2 days before Halloween!
Although we aren’t Halloween themed, we encourage our viewers to attend in their Halloween finery.

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